Between shared passion
and combined expertise,
there is chemistry

Brilliant. Dedicated. Creative. Our team continues to explore opportunities to leverage the power of our transformative chemistry. 

How it all began...

The story starts off in Canada. Ofer Vicus and Marcus Trygstad co-founded the company on November 15, 2011, after almost 3 years of research and investigation in the bitumen upgrading space. The initial goal was to find better ways to upgrade heavy petroleum, specifically Alberta bitumen, and focus on improving the environmental profile of the upgrading process. In search of alternatives to conventional petrochemical technologies involving costly diluents and complex operations, Aduro scientists pursued a unique approach. This resulted in the breakthrough discovery and development of the HydrochemolyticTM Technology (HCT).

Evolution of the Aduro technology platform

We didn’t just stop there. Thanks to the creativity of our principal scientist and the technical brilliance of our R&D team, we could tap into the full potential of HCT. In our exploratory journey, we took the learnings gathered over the years and applied them innovatively to further expand the scope of the core technology. This led to the development of our transformative chemical recycling solution. Its potential to address many of the environmental, operational, and economic challenges faced by traditional plastic recycling technologies marked a significant breakthrough for Aduro Clean Technologies.

Together with advancing our bitumen upgrading and plastics upcycling processes, we are also working on upgrading renewable oils and transforming them into high value materials. Going forward, we are committed to applying the transformative power of chemistry through novel technologies to achieve harmony between economic progress and environmental sustainability.

Management team

A close up image of heavy oil

Idea to turn heavy oil into lighter crude was born

Aduro energy logo

Aduro Energy Inc. was established


Successful submission of 1st family of patents for bitumen without rejection

Various small vials containing different colours of oil
Western University logo

Partnership with Western University in Sarnia, Ontario

A scientist is viewed through a condenser coil

First scientist was hired

Greenfield Global logo

Partnership with Greenfield Global for new market segment: renewables

Hexagonal icon with a droplet in the center

Successful submission of 2nd family of patents for renewables

Industrial equipment with a sign indicating bitumen flash drum

Focus back on heavy oil with lessons learned from renewables


Successful submission of 3rd family of patents for plastics

Timeline image

Partner with international heavy oil company to focus research on bitumen

Timeline image

Discovery that we can make a difference in the plastics recycling market


Executed reverse take-over (RTO) with Dimension Five to establish Aduro Clean Technologies, Inc.; listed on CSE

Close up view of plastic pieces

Focus on the commercialization of market segments: heavy crudes and plastic waste


Building continuous flow units for heavy crudes and plastic waste plus Flashdrum unit

A group of scientists gather around a table with machinery in the background

Start of Customer Engagement Program

Shell GameChanger logo

Aduro selected to participate in Shell Game Changer Program


Commissioned continuous flow reactors for plastics and bitumen

Ofer the CEO pointing to the sign outside the lab

Opening of our first office and laboratory in London, Ontario

Three members of Aduro celebrating with champagne

Aduro Clean Technologies B.V.

Screen shot of the new Aduro website

New website launches


We aspire to create a prosperous world that recovers and uses existing resources responsibly and reduces resource demands through regeneration, all with as little environmental impact as possible.