Delivering 21st century transformative solutions to help solve global plastic pollution

Our chemical conversion technology transforms plastic waste into valuable feedstocks that may be used in production of new plastics or transportation fuels. It overcomes limitations of traditional recycling which is selective and therefore capable of handling only a small fraction of all post-consumer plastic generated globally. The Aduro upcycling approach moves post-consumer plastic up the waste hierarchy, offering the potential to handle mixed plastics and expanding the possibilities for circularity or production of standard transportation fuels. Process simplicity, scalability, and configurability means it can be implemented in diverse settings to reduce both the demand for petroleum and the environmental load of waste materials filling our landfills and waters.




Hydrochemolytic™ Technology (HCT) activates unique properties of water in a chemistry platform that operates at relatively low temperatures and cost – a game changing approach that can be configured to transform renewable oils, waste plastics, and rubber into higher value products and even make oil processing greener.


Hydrochemolytic™ Plastics Upcycling


Hydrochemolytic™ Bitumen Upgrading


Hydrochemolytic™ Renewables Upgrading

The Plastic Recovery Advance

Transforming a Problem into a Resource through Molecular Recycling

Aduro Clean Technologies has adapted its versatile Hydrochemolytic™ upgrading technology to transform post-consumer polymer waste into a resource for the circular economy. Different families of waste plastics have different value proposition and under the hydrochemolytic conditions we are able to unlock maximum value of each separately or as a mix.

The Bitumen Advance

Making Heavy Oil Greener

The ongoing trend toward unconventional crude demands an unconventional approach for the 21st century, to transform heavy crude oil and bitumen into lighter crude that can be transported and processed more easily. Our Bitumen Advance does this through an innovative chemical conversion process that operates at milder conditions and temperatures compared with traditional upgrading technologies. The corresponding reduction in emissions and its low resource demand gives environmental and competitive advantages to Alberta producers of heavy oil and bitumen. The technology can also be applied to upgrade bottom-of-the-barrel bitumen from vacuum distillation units found in refineries around the world.

The Renewables Advance

A Next-Generation Process for Producing Zero-Emission Fuels and Specialty Chemicals

Our chemical process offers the possibility to cheaply and efficiently transform renewable oils into bio-jet fuel and drop-in diesel (not to be confused with biodiesel). And depending on the feedstock, it also presents a pathway for producing renewable specialty chemicals suitable for use in personal hygiene products or industrial applications such as renewable resins for coatings, adhesives, sealants, and foams for seat cushions or mattresses. Either way, the use of renewable oils reduces the demand for feedstocks traditionally derived from petroleum.


Water-Based Hydrochemolytic™ technology offers significant advantages


Low OPEX and CAPEX permits initial right-sizing and flexibility to expand as needed


Modular and scalable to meet throughput requirements without compromising economics


Downward scalability opens the door to distributed, small-scale implementation


Low emissions are best in class compared to traditional or newer technologies


Lowest operating temperatures vs alternatives means lower complexity, OPEX, and emissions


HCT can be configured to process diverse feedstocks and optimize product quality


Application-tuned chemistry reduces energy demand while maximizing yields


Low Severity also minimizes uncontrolled reactions that produce contaminants

Collect and Convert to save our oceans

The Aduro vision is to partner with organizations that also strive to clean our oceans of plastic pollution. We can drive this vision by using our technology to transform ocean plastic into energy.


Vision with action can change the world.

-Joel A. Barker, futurist and author

Located in Sarnia, Ontario with an adjunct technology and process development team at Western University in London, Ontario, Aduro Energy Inc. is a subsidiary of Aduro Clean Technologies, a Canadian company. It was founded in 2012 by W. Marcus Trygstad  and Ofer Vicus with a vision to develop and deploy sustainable chemical conversion solutions that are beneficial and safe for society and the environment, employees and customers. Aduro now is able to more aggressively adapt, improve, and commercialize those solutions and is ready to address waste and energy problems faced by municipalities and industries globally.


Aduro has built a team of industry experts to tackle pressing environmental and energy problems.

Ofer Vicus

Ofer Vicus

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

W. Marcus Trygstad

W. Marcus Trygstad

Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer

Gene Cammack

Gene Cammack

Chief Operating Officer

Mena Beshay

Mena Beshay

Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Anil Jhawar

Dr. Anil Jhawar

Chief Scientist

Abe Dyck

Abe Dyck

Head of Corporate Development


We welcome inquiries from industrial organizations and research institutions who might have interest in the versatile Aduro Hydrochemolytic™ Platform.

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