Inspiring others
to inspire us.

Together with our partners, we are doing our part to transform the world around us.

A common journey

We believe that collaboration is key to bringing our technology platform to market quickly and efficiently. To that end, we engage in detailed discussions with potential users of our technology and ascertain how to best meet their needs.

This is part of our flexible and collaborative engagement program, which gives us an in-depth understanding of the expectations of the market and our customers. It also provides us the opportunity to evaluate the feedstocks available and showcase the application of HCT to our customers first-hand. We look forward to setting up more partnerships in our journey toward commercialization and addressing some of today’s critical challenges through our novel technologies.

Partner engagements

With funding and technical support from the Shell GameChanger program – an industry-leading accelerator program that supports innovative solutions with the potential to impact the future of energy – Aduro is focusing on accelerating the commercialization of its technology.

With the common goal of supporting the transformative era in the energy industry by optimizing hydrocarbon recovery and prioritizing environmental sustainability, Prospera Energy Inc. and Aduro are collaborating on the pilot plant project for the partial upgrading of Bitumen. 

In support of the largest collection program for agricultural waste in the province of Ontario as part of Canada's agricultural & industrial film recycling program, Switch Energy and Aduro have partnered to scale our technology for the conversion of waste agricultural polyethylene into high-value products.

Research engagements

Partners on a joint research project, Aduro and the University of Western Ontario are focusing on evaluating the effects of intrinsic and extrinsic contaminants present in plastic feedstock on HydrochemolyticTM Technology under varying conditions to maximize output, quality, and yield and to improve pre- and post-processing techniques.

Extending its association with Brightlands Chemelot Campus, Aduro has set up a Platinum Partnership with Chemelot Innovation and Learning Labs (CHILL). With this collaboration, Aduro will provide financial support to CHILL and gain access to skilled researchers and specialized equipment to accelerate its development of breakthrough chemical recycling solutions.

Since 2021, Aduro has been a part of the Chemelot Circular Hub – an industry innovation ecosystem – at the Brightlands Chemelot Campus. Our technology, which offers an innovative recycling route for bringing plastics into the circular economy, fits well with the key focus areas at Brightlands. In addition to providing support for building the pilot plant, Brightlands also facilitated relationships with supply chain and funding partners, which culminated in the set-up of Aduro’s European subsidiary in the Netherlands.


Memberships & associations

As our partners explore the possibilities of our technology platform, they in turn inspire us to look further and deeper, to find new ways of employing our chemistry.