Hydrochemolytic™ Bitumen Upgrading



– A water-based chemical conversion process that operates at relatively low severity conditions

– Targets problematic asphaltenes

– Significantly improves the physical and chemical properties of heavy crudes

– The value of the upgraded crude is higher than that of Western Canadian Select

– Greatly reduces or eliminates diluent requirements

Reducing the cost and emissions of heavy oil production while increasing its value

HBU is a completely new approach for transforming heavy crude oil and bitumen into lighter crude. Covered by four patents and patents pending, HBU takes direct aim at asphaltenes and related compounds that make butumen and heavy oils “heavy.” Present at levels of up to 25% in Alberta bitumen, they make it extremely dense and viscous, precluding transport by pipeline unless upgraded. Through the application of Aduro Hydrochemolytic™ technology, HBU efficiently deconstructs the heavy components into lighter molecules, some even being in the diesel range.

The upgraded crude has superior properties compared with Western Canadian Select (WCS), including reduced values for density, viscosity, sulfur, metals, and acid number. Reduced viscosity means that little or no dilution by light hydrocarbons is required for pipeline transport. Compared with alternative upgrading technologies, the reduced emissions and low resource demands of HBU give environmental and competitive advantages to Alberta producers of heavy oil and bitumen. Beyond the specific challenges posed by Alberta bitumen, HBU also can be applied to upgrade bottom-of-the-barrel bitumen from vacuum distillation units found in refineries around the world.



Aduro breakthrough solutions use water‑based chemical conversion technology to overcome stubborn chemical properties of plastics, renewables, and heavy oils.


Hydrochemolytic™ Plastics Upcycling


Hydrochemolytic™ Renewables Upgrading


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